‘A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps’ – Proverbs 16:9

Welcome back, Willing Spirits ! X

Bank holiday Monday and great weather? Thank you, Jesus! I hope you’re enjoying it and taking time to relax on your extra day off if you work, or perhaps celebrate the completion of your studies for the year if you’re a student. Whichever it is, make The most of this day and this week!

Are you someone who likes to plan ahead or are you more of the spontaneous type–“whatever I feel in the moment, I go with“? Or perhaps you like a mixture of both? Sometimes we are even faced with the famous question “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” Do you have a detailed plan/answer to that question? Or do you panic or freeze, not knowing how to answer or what the answer even is? It is okay to not know and it is okay to have some idea. As followers of Christ, we know that God also has a plan for us as He stated in Jeremiah: ‘…“for I know the plans I have for you” declares the LORD…’ [Jeremiah 29:11 NIV] But what happens when the plans we have for ourselves does not exactly align with God‘s plan for us?

This week’s verse states that although we may plan our lives out or desire a certain route, God is the one who guides us down the right path and that may mean it won’t be the path you thought for yourself or it could. Either way, God makes sure that we get the best outcome, should we entrust our whole life to Him. We owe our lives to Jesus, that’s the whole idea of “giving our lives to Christ“. So it only makes sense that He decides our destiny and it’s not like He’ll give us the worst possible ones because that’s just not who He is.

Some of us have seen what has happened when we take matters/decisions into our own hands and they don’t always turn out well. I sometimes found myself planning certain things for myself and going ahead with it without consulting God or allowing Him to take judgement on it. Then once I had done it/was in it, I would ask God to bless it when that is not the way it’s meant to go. I had the order completely wrong and that “plan” fell apart. It didn’t succeed. I only had myself to blame because I didn’t even invite God into it.

On the other hand, when we do invite God to take the wheel and execute His plan for us, goodness and reward follows. Let’s take Gideon for example. Gideon and the Israelites were given into the hand of the Midianites. It felt as though God had left them until one day God basically told Gideon to take the men he had and save Israel from the Midianites. Bare in mind that Gideon‘s clan was the weakest in Manasseh. But Gideon obeyed regardless. So Gideon‘s plan that He had in mind was to take 30,000+ men with him to defeat the Midianites. It’s what he thought was necessary. But God said hold on. ‘…“You have too many men”…’ [Judges 7:2 NIV]. Gideon‘s men went from 30,000+ to 10,000 to 300. 300 men. That was God‘s plan as opposed to Gideon‘s 30,000+.

What happened in the end? Gideon and his 300 men won. This is the result of accepting God‘s guidance and allowing Him to direct our steps. Why not try it too? Whatever plan you may have for the week or for the month, let God know, or better yet ask Him to let you know what plan He has for you. Then do your best to listen to Him and accept His way. He’ll surprise you and everyone involved.

Have a lovely week!

– A Willing Spirit x

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