‘”My Grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”‘-2 Cor. 12:9//Weak where??

Welcome back and happy new month, Willing Spirits x!

We made it to the new month and we only have God to thank especially in the midst of this pandemic. I pray that this month will be an even better month for you than the last in Jesus‘ name. Amen.

Have you ever been given a task or responsibility for something that you believed you couldn’t do because of a “weakness” you have? I’m a very emotional person and tend to take a lot of things seriously even when I know they aren’t real (e.g. TV shows). My work, however, has very little space for emotions to be involved and so at times, when given tough tasks, I struggle separating my emotions from the subject. It’s in times like this that I wonder if it would be easier if I weren’t so emotional. Growing up we may have been taught to be strong and try to overcome our “weaknesses”. I put weaknesses in quotation marks because God doesn’t see our weaknesses the same way we do–as a defect, something shameful.

“God doesn’t see our weaknesses the same way we do”

– a willing spirit

When it comes to God, erase that mindset of having to be strong all the time with 0 weaknesses . Because it is in our weaknesses that God‘s power is made strong and this is something Paul, who was writing to the Corinthians at the time, discovered when he explained that God told him “…My Grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness”. [NIV]

Paul was a man who, at times, felt like he wanted his weaknesses stripped from him, he even pleaded with God to have them removed but after hearing God explain the value of his weaknesses, he realised that it was in fact his strength. Which is why he said ‘For when I am weak then I am strong’ [v.10]. Another thing Paul learnt from this was that his weaknesses stopped him from being conceited [v.7]. If we had no weaknesses we wouldn’t need to rely on God and we probably wouldn’t get to experience His strengthening power.

God used Paul in mighty ways through his weaknesses. Likewise, Moses had a weakness that was physical–a speech impediment. He was afraid it would hinder him from completing the task God commanded him at the burning bush [Exodus 4]. He responds to God‘s request by stating his weakness but God basically responded to him with “Do you know who I am??“.

When we are weak, whether it be emotionally or physically, we are vulnerable and it is that vulnerability that allows us to depend on God, to pray to Him and to speak to Him. Being blind, deaf, having a lisp or stutter or having poor stamina even, doesn’t negate your ability to be great and strong. God doesn’t look at the appearance but the heart. So let us delight in our weaknesses like Paul did because we know God will lend us His strength when needed.

“Know that when we are down we have the opportunity to look up and receive strength”.

a willing spirit

As we begin the new week and new month, whenever you feel weak or you feel hindered because of your “weakness”, look up to God and ask Him to lend you His strength. He will hear and answer you in Jesus‘ name. Amen.

– A fellow Willing Spirit x

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