‘Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new’ – 2 Cor. 5:17//New person, who’s this?!

Hello hi again, Willing spirits x !

I hope you had a great and fulfilling week and are keeping safe in these unprecedented times. The storm is never easy but it is temporary. Don’t give up faith x.

As followers of Christ, we are taught about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. It is the basis and foundation of Christianity so it is taught quite early on in one’s journey with Christ. So when Paul wrote “…old things have passed away…” it reinforces this idea of Jesus’ death and our “death” to the flesh. All our old, worldly ways of living, every wrong done in the past before we had Christ in our lives, is gone. We have something that we didn’t have before–freedom from sin. We are no longer slaves to it. This means we have the opportunity to not live in sin but in Jesus if we put our faith in Him.

God takes what we were and creates a whole new person in Christ. but what does it mean to be a whole “new” person? Is my IQ higher? Am I taller now? Though having these things may be great, that’s not exactly what Paul meant. The previous verse (v.16) explains that we now “…regard no one according to the flesh…” just as we no longer see Jesus as flesh–someone who wasn’t a necessity, who was an option before He died, we now see others in truth. We are a part of the new creation–a new perspective of life which is no longer a worldly perspective. Now that we are in Christ, the way we live our lives should be very different to how we used to live it. However, towards the beginning of this transformation or possibly even further down the line, some of us tend to look back on what was instead of looking ahead. This may seem harmless but it stunts our growth in Christ and sometimes causes us to sin.

You could liken this idea to the story of Lot when he was instructed to leave the city of Sodom & Gomorrah with his family (Genesis 19). They were warned not to look back as God destroyed the city but his wife did so and turned to a pillar of salt (v.26). We may never know exactly why she turned back but it could not be far off from the idea that she missed the life she had there with all the riches and possessions her family had. Not that we would turn into pillars of salt if we were to “look back” but in the same way let us not do so as Jesus Himself warned us about in Luke 17:32.

Part of being a new creation is seeing yourself the way God sees you. God sees us as His child since He sees us through Jesus now that we are in Him. This means not judging ourselves according to the flesh; whether or not we are who others want us to be. Next week we discuss restoration and the idea that we are never too far gone for God’s love.

Have a blessed week!

– A willing spirit

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