‘Hear My Cry, O God; Attend to my prayer’ – Psalm 61:1//The struggle is real.

Welcome, willing spirits x

I say ‘willing spirits’ because I assume you’re also a follower of Christ/child of God, whichever term you prefer, and want nothing more than to do or be just that or, you’re none of the above but are curious about what the Christian life is about. For us Christians, there’s just one teensy weensy problem that makes it hard to live up to that title…or maybe not so teensy weensy–the flesh. As Christians, we all know the classic battle between the spirit and the flesh. We do good one day then the next day, all of a sudden, we can’t be bothered or we fall back to square one again. Flesh 1, spirit 0.

When we struggle on our journey in Christ, it is important to cry out to Him for help, even if we feel like we’re a nuisance (which God never thinks by the way) or that we’ve done too much wrong to ever be right again. God isn’t a man that He would scream “get off my neck!” or hold grudges against us. In fact it’s more of a “Come to Me, let Me help you” and “What do you need?”. This blog is about discussing the meaning of different bible verses that describe the way in which we should live, the struggles we may encounter in illustrating them and finding solutions for said struggles.

So how about it? Try crying out to God today. It could be for anything.

“God these assignments are giving me stress, give me peace instead today”. Or “Lord, that thing I said I wasn’t going to do? Yeah…I did it, please help me overcome it”. King David and Job did this when they were in despair in their own circumstances. The very verse of ‘hear my cry’ is from the chapter that David himself wrote. He struggled a lot and felt lost at times, but he cried out to God every time. Not once did God say “don’t ask me for help again”.

As you cry out, believe that God will hear you and attend onto your prayer.

This Christian walk isn’t easy but God didn’t promise easy. He didn’t say we wouldn’t have problems either, He just promised He would be with us in the midst of them.

I pray that God will continue to guide you through your journey and give you the strength you need to carry on in Jesus’ name. Have a blessed week and an even better month than the last and I hope to see you again in the next one where we’ll be discussing Mark 14:38–temptation.

– a willing spirit

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